Summer Sessions June 24-27, 2024 - Franklin-Theatre

Summer Sessions
June 24-27, 2024

Student Theatre & Music Business Intensives

Summer Sessions

We’re bringing the mission of The Franklin Theatre to life with our upcoming “Summer Sessions” series! This 4-day event is intended to grant middle school-aged and high school-aged students an in-depth look into specific areas of the theatre and music industries. If you’re looking to master your craft in acting, musical theater, set design, make-up or music business, come learn from passionate educators and working arts professionals in this transformational program!

Music Business Intensive


The Songwriting & Music Business intensive will provide students an in-depth look into different aspects of a career in the music industry. Participants will learn how all facets of the business work, write & record a professional song, learn the basics of in-studio recording, get coached by top vocal and performance coaches, learn branding and marketing basics from professionals who work with some of the biggest music artists and venues, and learn to understand the economics and logistics of touring and artist management. This session will be led by songwriter and producer, Trey Bruce, alongside other industry professionals.

Artist Branding and Touring
Artistry and Performance
Social Media Marketing and Promotions
Recording and Song Distribution
Songwriting and Publishing

Theater Intensives

Led by Independence High School’s head of Fine Arts, Becky Williams, the sessions will feature guest artists, clinicians, and theatre educators from Williamson County Schools and across the Middle Tennessee theatre community.  They will develop young performers by offering training that covers all areas of musical theatre.

Acting Through Song
Theatrical Dance
Technical Theatre
Audition Workshop
Acting Techniques

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