Delbert McClinton to play the Franklin Theatre November 8 - Franklin-Theatre

Delbert McClinton to play the Franklin Theatre November 8



Delbert McClinton to play the Franklin Theatre November 8

Tickets on sale now

The Franklin Theatre today announced Grammy Award-winning Texas blues rocker Delbert McClinton will perform at the historic 300-seat venue on Tuesday, November 8.

The concert will be a fundraiser to benefit Keith DeArmond, McClinton’s longtime road manager and friend who has been battling serious illness. “Keith is a true friend, and I want to help him any way I can,” McClinton said. “I know he has many friends who will take this opportunity to celebrate him and help with his medical expenses.”

The evening will include a performance by McClinton and a silent auction. Tickets start at $50. Click here to purchase.

Born in Lubbock–hometown of such other musical notables as Buddy Holly and Joe Ely–McClinton came of age in the Fort Worth joints. He first appeared on a hit record in 1962, when his distinctive harmonica playing graced Bruce Channel’s No. 1 single “Hey Baby,” which inspired the harp work of a young John Lennon. In the early ’70s, McClinton and keyboardist-vocalist Glen Clark relocated to Los Angeles, where they cut a pair of prophetic roots-rock albums as Delbert & Glen.

Now a three-time Grammy® Award winner, McClinton was recently inducted into the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Hall of Fame and has been in the studio with Clark recording the first Delbert & Glen album in nearly three decades.

Delbert’s latest solo release, “Acquired Taste” (2009) is a juke joint blend of country soul infused with blues, rock and jazz. “I write from the sensibility of the people I knew growing up, and I grew up with all the heathens–the people who went too far before they changed and tried to make something out of their lives,” McClinton said. “There are a lot of beautiful colors and sad stories and much-deserved joy in that.”

Originally built in 1937, the Franklin Theatre re-opened to the public on June 3, 2011 following a multi-year, multi-million-dollar renovation. The Main Street landmark is owned and operated by the nonprofit Heritage Foundation. For more information visit